It was an independent municipality until 1929, but now it`s a suburb of Villa Lagarina Municipality. This village is situated on a vast plain area, cut by a provincial road which from Villa Lagarina goes up to the Cei Valley, immerged in hill grapevines of appraised white grapes (autochthonous nosiola, among others) as well as different types of red ones. An easy rural road leads to a nearby Cesuino, a sunny area offering a splendid view of the valley, where many trekking routes start from and truly designated for agritourism.

St. Lazzaro Church


It has been mentioned since 1537. It was enlarged in 1669 and in 1790. Inside one may observe baroque style  main altar as well as four side altars from XVIIIth century in inlay multicolor marble (most precious is a crucifix with a local family Grandi coat-of-arms). Above the façade one may see a statue of the saint.  

Saints Sisinio & Martirio Chapel


The small chapel of Saint Sisinio is situated to the North of Pedersano, in a place literally immerged in the grape wines where it`s also possible to enjoy a spectacular view of Lagarina Valley. In the records of year 1618 it was declared to be very ancient, and it was surrounded by Pedersano cemetery, moved to parochial Church in 1632. It has a small bell gable as well as the traces of a Romanesque splayed window.  Inside you may observe the central aisle with wooden ceiling and apse with miniature arcade and decorations; the apse was built on order of Don Domenico Grandi in 1740.