Lago di Cei e dintorni

Straight after Castellano village limit, the Villa Lagarina municipality lands transform into a soft valley basin.  We find ourselves in Cei area, a graceful Alpine valley; and in its middle, as a gemstone in a diadem of mountains around it, the Cei Lake found its place, this marvelous natural Apine water basin which represents one of the most suggestive and romantic landscapes of Trentino. The lake, immerged in a splendid beech forests, coniferous woods, surrounded by vast mowed meadows, is truly an oasis of uncontaminated nature, protected as a Nature Reserve, where countless paths, romantic roads, touristic routes, easy or challenging foot and bicycle trekking start from. As main destinations to mention are Daiano farms - masi (845 m.) as well as Marcoiano (815 m.), with their palaces and rural buildings of the XVIIIth century immerged in a secular forest; Cimana Alm - Malga (m. 1200), with its welcoming service offering rooms and food; mountain tops Stivo (m. 2059, with its Alpine refuge open all year round) & Cornetto of Bondone (m. 2180).

St. Martin Church


It is situated on a hill above the old road (Trasiel) going from Pedersano to the Cei Lake. It`s rather ancient, probably it was built in barbaric period on the ruins of prehistoric construction used as a fort in Roman period. During the first centuries after year 1000, a religious community settled there, and in the centuries XVII and XVIII hermits ere recorded to live there.  Further on it became a private property  and in 2006 it was acquired by Villa Lagarina Municipality, which commissioned its restauration and opened to public on November 11, 2007.

De Probizer Chapel



This chapel makes part of de Probizer property of Villa Maria (already Maso Cadrobbio of Pizzini family from Castellano), near Cei lake. It was erected in neo-gothic style by Francesco de Probizer in 1890-1891, on the drawings of surveyor Emanuele Kocler, changed by the owner himself. It`s dedicated to St Mary of the Assumption.

Cimana Area



This place of meadows and lawns on the crown of the mountain with the same name is situated between Adige Valley and Cei Valley; part of it is on Pomarolo municipality territory (Cimana di Pomarolo) and another part of  Villa Lagarina municipality territory (Pedersano). Malga Cimana of Pedersano is composed of an old cheese factory “casèra vecia” - a small stone building already existing in 1859, where the milk was proceeded already in the year 1859; “casèra nuova” – a new cheese factory & “casóm” (the stall) were built in the years 1924-1930, as an initiative of Cooperative Milk Factory of Pedersano. Today, this big animal recovery, became a tourist attraction offering traditional food and welcoming. A few steps further, in the are called “Sparaverom” one may enjoy a great view all over Lagarina Valley.

Bellaria Area


Is a meadow basin on the Northern part of the Cei Valley, on the left side of the road which goes down towards Cimone & Aldeno. There you may see a big building used as a summer camp by Feminine Italian Center, was owned by Grandi family, then purchased in 1897 by Guido de Probizer and renewed according eclectic style of the end of the 19th century. You may also find a few private houses there as well as a restaurant opened since many years.