Villa Lagarina

The municipality territory of Villa Lagarina (24 sq km.) extends on the right riverside of Adige, in the very heart of Lagarina Valley (Trentino), this large Alpine valley of fluvial glacial origins which represents main connection between Italy and Germanic area on one hand , and on the other hand finds itself between two environmental and touristic entities of the whole Northern Italy : Garda Lake and Dolomite mountains. Villa Lagarina municipality territory is bordered in the South by stately Adige river stream  (170 m. a.s.l.) and in the North by mountain chain  Stivo-Cornetto (2180 m.). The municipality population is 3782, distributed among Villa Lagarina (main town, 180 m., population 1646 ); Piazzo (suburb, 200 m. population  448 ); Pedersano (suburb, 400 m., population 1016 )  with Cesuino area; Castellano (suburb, 800 m., population 672 .) with Cei Valley (925 m.), which is an important protected area as well as touristic holiday place.